Cam Holmes

Hello there! My name is Cam Holmes.

I'm an integrative

problem solver.

I'm passionate in creating user-centric products, services & experiences.
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Creating a shared parking economy to reduce traffic, save time and money


Optimizing the bar experience by providing more transparency throughout your night.


A rails to trails wayfinding service to influence exploring new experiences and promote small business.

Calming Carousel

An Interactive Baggage Claim Installation to influence passengers to spread out & enjoy the wait.

Professional Work

Holmes Creative

A digital media consultancy providing a range of creative solutions for small business.


Spread of work for a fintech company focused on better control, simplification and extension of money movement capabilities.

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My Background

Industrial & product design with a touch of digital media.

Industrial Design

My education is rooted in industrial design creative process, methods and strategy.

- Solidworks, Keyshot & Procreate
- Double Diamond Method
- Designing for Manufacturing

Product Design

I adapted my skillset towards product design with the help from amazing experiences and the Georgia Institute of Technology.

- Figma, Adobe XD & Webflow
- Design Thinking
- User-centered design & Testing

Digital Media

I have been working in freelance for 7 years on projects ranging from filming documentaries to full branding design.

- Full Adobe Suite
- Video Editing
- Graphic Design


Cam Holmes

For over 7 years, I have worked to become a multi-disciplinary designer who delivers creative and engaging solutions ranging from product design, brand identity to digital media.

💼  Work Experience

Holmes Creative
Sept. 2017 - Present
• Manage all phases of new design development for creative work ranging from video curation to graphic design
• Develop design deliverables & products that assist in elevating 2 ecommerce brands to the top 1% of all Shopify stores
Playback Prints
Co Founder
Sept. 2021 - Present
• Designed and built a scalable template to adapt for any football or basketball play that considers play path, team coloring and score while avoiding team licensing infringement
• Leading development on a mixed reality product to display the play animation in AR
• Optimized the ecommerce site for a conversion rate over 5% to secure initial seed funding
• Built the brand, film the content, and manage the advertisement curation
UI/UX Intern
May 2021 - Sept. 2021
• Built a modernized design toolkit to streamline development and improve UI/UX for client admin tool.
• Redefined the admin tool UX by simplifying complex workflows and created contextual clarity with user management.
• Identified and solved admin tool's user pain points and problems by collaborating closely with operations team and using data points to improve navigation and introduce efficient and new task fulfillment.
• Introduced and developed a dynamic toolkit with master components that improved UX design efficiencies by 20% in the upcoming flagship product
• Delivered 99% on-time deliverables by managing tasks in Asana and by leading an agile and iterative project management.
• Designed and edited the introduction video for their Flagship Bill Center product that was played at the Money 20/20 Fintech Conference generating 40-50 leads with an increase of 900% from previous year
Seroka Brand Development
Graphic Design Intern
May 2019 - Sept. 2019
Built weekly HTML email templates for various mortgage companies displaying upcoming news and events
• Designed and edited brochures and newsletters based on existing mortgage branding guidelines and copy